A listing of services I have to offer ...

For more information about these services please contact me.


Corporate and Private Tastings

Blind tastings and wine education for small or large groups in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.


Wine Education

One on one tutorials or small group wine education seminars to learn more about wine styles and wine regions of the world.

Have you booked or plan to book an upcoming holiday to a wine region? If so, I can provide the learning tools you need to prepare for your holiday!


Wine Service Training & Consultation for Restaurants and Caterers

I provide training for restaurant servers on proper wine service etiquette, education of the wine list and suggestions for wine and food pairings. This will enhance customer experience and maximize restaurant sales.

I can develop restaurant wine programs and refresh wine lists as well as provide advice on wine storage and cellar conditions.

Caterers can take advantage of wine pairing suggestions with their menus including wine purchases and delivery to your door!


Personal Shopping

Let me guide you through the multitude of options at the LCBO to find the wines that suit your palate and budget.

Short on time? I will purchase your wine and deliver it to your door!


Wine Cellar / Storage Consultation

Building or refurbishing a wine cellar? We can work together on a cellar and storage design with proper conditions to keep your collection in optimal health.

Once you are ready to fill your cellar, I can provide advice to build you a collection tailored to your wine style and budget.